Mining Services


Shree Krishna Group owns various mines like black stone, silica etc. in various parts of India / overseas. Group is aiming to acquire mines for bauxite, gypsum etc. other minerals.

We have our own infrastructure for mining, including equipment and expertise manpower to conduct mining operations. The group does mining for self owned mines, as well as provides services to miners as well. Following mining activities / services are offered:

Service Detail
Drilling and Blasting We drill in the mine with drilling machines and feed the explosives inside the drilled hole and then blast the explosive so as to get the material. Both of these activities are being performed by experts with every precaution is taken so as to avoid any accident.
Loading of Material from Mine We load the mined material from mine in to our own tractors with use of our own excavators and loaders.
Transportation of material from mine to stock yard at crusher We use our own tractors to transport the material from mines to stock yard at crusher.
Unloading of Material We unload the material from tractor and stack these at crusher site.
Crusher Hopper Feeding To crush the material first of all we load the material into our own dumpers/tippers with help of our own loaders and excavators and then dumpers/tippers unload the material in to the hopper of crusher plant.
Crushing and sizing/screening Material fed in hopper of crusher plant gets crushed and screened into the screening machine of crusher plant and screened materials of various sizes stacks separately by use of various conveyors systems of crusher plant. This is totally automatic process.
Loading of final material into vehicles for transportation We load the final material into our own vehicles as well as into the vehicles provided by our clients/purchasers with help of our own loaders and excavators to transport it to their designated locations.
Weighment of loaded vehicles We also have our own weighbridges at our mining sites and we weigh the loaded vehicles before unloading received material and after loading final material.