The Group is run by three Directors who share a common belief of hard work and growth:

‘Rajubhai’, as he is famous by, is the Visionary, Entrepreneur and a man of Business, who talks business and means business. His strong futuristic goal setting, implementation skills and smooth management principles has been a key contribution for where the Group stands today. His knowledge and experience in verticals like Shipping, Chartering, and Iron Ore Mining & Trading are impeccable. His venture abilities are unmatched, and his constant endeavour to add more and more segments and verticals to the Group is only driving Group to be a unique multilateral organisation of a class that claims international acclaim.

Rajubhai is a friend to all. His relationship building and maintaining thinking makes him a live example of ‘How to win friends and influence people’. His smooth and down to earth nature, leading teams with effortless ease, makes him a true leader. And that’s exactly how he drives people and organisation, in one direction – towards growth.

Technically Yours. Yes, an avid machine lover he is. Looks after all the ‘Technical’ of the Group, including mining. You find him more in the field or travelling, than in the Office. His strong hold and experience in Machines / Equipment & Mining makes him the strong backbone of the organisation. As runs in blood, he is equally venturous and enterprising. Has diversified interests and is in-charge of ground implementation of projects.

A very child like innocent, straight forward and smooth person. His simplicity and a nature that is completely rooted, makes him a very open minded business man.

The Financial Controller / Director of the Group is a combination of a tech savvy man of figures. His finance management, utilisation of resources and strong knowledge of all the financial aspects of an enterprise makes him the strongest asset to the organisation. His work ethics and practices have been instrumental in gaining the rich impression in the market that the Group enjoys today. Never say tire attitude, hard working and a very strong leader to the team.

His unique friendly nature and trendy outlook makes him distinct person all together. But he is equally a down to earth person and welcomes everyone and everything.