Build & operate warehouses

Towards our constant endeavour to provide complete logistics solutions, ongoing research and identifying market needs, recognising industry demands Shree Krishna Group yet takes a big leap in One Stop Logistics Solutions by further forward integration by adding Warehousing, Bagging & Dispatch Facilities.

Recognising the acute need of Warehousing, Bagging & Systematic Final Dispatch requirements of the importers, particularly in Import Food Grains Cargo, we’ve built Technically Advanced, Flexible, Reliable and All Weather Sustainable Covered Warehouses. On Build & Operate basis these Warehouses are Designed & Built by Shree Krishna Group with her team of expert & experienced teams and are functional and successfully catering to many companies and ports.

To ensure reliable One Stop Solutions and render complete hassle free services to importers, these Warehouses are equipped with Conveyor Systems and Bagging Plants. The imported cargo is brought into Warehouses, Bagged and Dispatched to Final Destination for smooth and simplified deliveries to end receivers’ locations.

Building warehouse